My Favorite Smart Phone Business Apps

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First, it is impossible for me to separate my business and personal apps very well. Since the smart phone (currently an iPhone and iPad in my case) is an ideal vehicle to integrate personal and business, the apps tend to get used in multiple ways. My top 5 are:

  1. Kindle. The Amazon kindle app on the iPad and iPhone is my absolute favorite. I use it every day to read while on the elliptical trainer at the club.
  2. Netflix. The fact that you can now watch movies that stream live to your device is both amazing and breakthrough.
  3. WorldCard. This amazing app lets you use the camera on your phone to capture a business card and then transfer it to your Outlook contacts. Once someone hands you a card, you now have it available immediately.
  4. Skype. If you travel outside the US, it is no surprise how expensive it is to make calls on your cell phone back to the US. With Skype (and a good headset; mine is the Plantronics Discovery 975), coupled with the Skype $2.95/mo calling plan and a wifi hotspot, you can call anywhere in the US for free.
  5. Red Laser or Amazon. You are in a store and see an item you want to buy (yes, even business items). Are you getting a good price? Now just scan the barcode and voila, you know what you can buy that product for online and go ahead and either purchase it from the store or online.

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