I had a trip cancelled on Thursday at the last minute. Since my calendar was clear, I did something out of character – I decided to see a matinee movie instead of working. So, I decided to see Avatar in 3D/IMAX. After going to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle and being told it was sold out (for 3 days!), I went to another theater (Lincoln Square in Bellevue) to see the movie.

I was blown away! First of all, I didn’t expect that the 3D would be much more than a gimmick. The previews disabused me of that idea! By the time I watched the preview for “Alice in Wonderland,” I understood that the new 3D (compared to what was done a generation ago, primarily in horror movies with cardboard glasses) was for real. It not only increased the immersive nature of the movie, but was integral to telling the story by the director.

As you know, Avatar, is a sci-fi tale set in a distant world. The story was very typical (but good) for the genre. But the experience was exceptional. The combination of the IMAX, 3D, and sound caused the me to feel like they were there, which caused an emotional connection to characters, the plot, and world Cameron created.

Not only was Avatar a movie worth seeing, but it also shows me part of the future public entertainment. I really didn’t expect to like 3D so much. But in the IMAX format, with exceptional sound, Avatar shows the immersive potential of films in a theatre, taking the suspension of disbelief one step beyond. I’m happy to have been part of this transition. I will certainly see more films in IMAX/3D

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